Are You An Unhealthy Vegan? 5 Vegan-Transition Mistakes to Avoid

You have probably already heard the terms “unhealthy vegan” and “junk food vegan” being bandied around the media. You may have even seen stories from people who have tried going vegan and ended up putting on weight and feeling worse health-wise than ever before.

If this is currently putting you off trying a vegan lifestyle or you think you may already be a junk food vegan, don’t worry, it is never too late to learn how to get the most out of veganism and transform your mind, body, and soul.

Keep reading to discover the most common unhealthy vegan transition mistakes. Plus, how to avoid them.

1.   Too much, too soon

If you tend to take an all-or-nothing approach to life, then it is highly possible that you tried too much too soon when it came to embracing veganism. Perhaps you decided to eliminate all animal products from your diet after decades of being an avid carnivore. Or maybe, you threw out every animal product from your home before you even sat down to think about what you were going to eat as a vegan.

Either way, a major lifestyle change such as going vegan does not happen overnight. It takes careful planning and consideration – otherwise, you are just setting yourself up for failure.

2.   Insufficient calories

When you make the transition from an animal-based diet to a plant-based one, you are highly likely to experience a substantial calorie deficit unless you do your homework first. It is much easier to get your daily recommended calorie intake when you are eating meat, cheese, and other high-calorie foods.

It is worth noting that fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables are very high in water and low in calories, so you need to ensure you eat higher calorie plant-based foods such as nuts, seeds, legumes, bananas, and avocados.

3.   Failure to listen to your body

The way in which the human body digests meat is very different to the way that it digests plant-based foods. In fact, digesting meat can take several days, while plant-based products can be digested in a matter of hours. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it can potentially come with some unwanted side effects as your body adjusts to these new foods.

These side effects can include bloating, stomach pains, and an upset stomach.

4.   Not learning new recipes

Unless you are planning on being a raw vegan or you plan to live on vegan takeaways, you are going to have to extend your repertoire of vegan meals. Although this may seem daunting at first, there are a whole host of resources online that can help you to create quick and nutritious vegan meals that the whole family can enjoy.  We have a number of CBD recipes and guides in our blogs

5.   Forgetting snacks and supplements

When it comes to transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, many people make the mistake of only thinking about what they are going to eat for their main meals. However, what about snacks and any supplements you currently take? Fortunately, there are now lots of vegan health products on the market, such as vegan CBD edibles and vegan multivitamins, which can help make the transition to veganism much easier.

Plus, when it comes to snacks, you don’t need to only eat fruit, seeds, and nuts. There are plenty of healthy vegan snacks available, including ones that are high in protein and those that will satisfy a sweet tooth.